Threat Hunters

Protect your digital life from cyber threats

About us

Venantix is the dream of a seasoned cybersecurity and crypto passionated team working to protect undefensed frogs

Our managed services protect your crown jewels from cyber cryminals. Applying the same best practices, tools and advanced services from Forbes 100 companies to protect your identity and assets.

Providing Top  Cybersecurity services from frogs to frogs.

How we Protect

Venantix offers packed managed services that best adapt your needs. Contact us and let's find the best cybersecurity services that you need.

Your Assets

We will deploy the best commercial solutions to detect and protect from the threats impacting your digital assets, laptops or mobiles.

Our team will monitor the security status and contact you to respond incidents

Your Digital Identity

Your digital identity is as important as your physical identity. In Venantix. using threat intelligence,  we monitor the dark web to work towards minimize the exposure of your digital identity, identify leaks and assure you are aware of the ways the threat actors lure their victims

Your Defenses

Venantix will be there to respond your security concerns. How to avoid latest attacks, how to avoid while operating your crypto assets, shares or access to your bank with your tablet, phone or laptop.

Our cyber pills moon your security posture.

Packaged Services


$29 / Month


$99 / Month


$249 / Month

Tell us your needs, we will find the best suitable cybersecurity managed services for your peace of mind.